Swedish Massage

For total relaxation and well being, a Swedish massage is the perfect treatment. It is a nourishing and relaxing treatment that is designed to smooth tired, aching muscles. 

Back, neck and shoulders - 25

Full body massage - 45

Reflexology - 38

A relaxing and extremely beneficial treatment for your feet performed using different massage and pressure point techniques.

Aromatherapy Massage

This soothing massage treatment incorporates massage techniques with the use of blended essential oils to meet your individual requirements as discussed in consultation. 

Back, neck and shoulders - 30

Full body massage - 50

Lava Shell Massage

An eco friendly massage using naural self-heating shells. The warm sooth shell makes the treatment soothing and relaxing - a little taste of luxury!

Back, neck and shoulders - 35

Full body massage - 60

Indian Head Massage

This massage treatment is performed on the head, face, neck, upper back and arms. It is an uplifting yet relaxing treatment that focuses on total relaxation, easing any aching muscles or tension and re-balancing the flow of energy within the body.


Indian head massage - 35

Back Blitz

Feel totally relaxed and refreshed as your back is pampered. This treatment begins with dry brushing the back to stimulate blood circulation and remove dry skin. The back is cleansed with a deep cleansing mint based cleanser, removed with hot towels, exfoliator is then applied to remove any impurities and leave the back feeling great. Warm oil is gently applied to the back using massage techniques before the application of paraffin wax. The heat from the paraffin helped to warm the muscles and joints and leave the client feeling completely relaxed. 

Back blitz treatment - 38

Mineral Salt Scrub

Rich mineral ocean salt is used to sooth and leave the skin feeling silk and soft. It commences with dry body brushing to desquamate any dry skin and increase the blood circulation. Mineral ocean salt is massaged over the body and removed using oil infused warm towels followed by a light application of skin nourishing cream. 

Mineral Salt Scrub - 38